Manuel Trigo

is originally from Badajoz, Extremadura, located in the South of Spain the North of Seville. Close to the Portuguese border. 

Sr. Trigo's academic pursuits led him to Switzerland. Fluent in Spanish and French, Manuel became well versed in the French classical masters studying and practicing the Equitation Francaise de legerete (French equitation of lightness). This has become his passion – this quest for lightness is his daily task performed in the arena with the horses.

Lightness is not the goal - it is his philosophy.

His uniqueness as a trainer comes from the fact that he has mastered lightness in these different disciplines;

  • Classical Dressage
  • Alta Esquela 
  • Doma Vaquera
  • Natural Horsemanship 

Manuel trains and teaches internationally in the USA, Costa Rica and Mexico.

He teaches in various languages - English, Spanish and French.

In 2016, at the moment of the creation and opening of El Caballo REY – Equestrian Art Academy, Manuel count more than 250 clinics in the USA. 

Manuel is a Founder member of the Lightness Foundation. He is the author of the rules, under saddle tests and Pied-a-terre test.  He is also judge for the Lightness Foundation for the Lightness classes, Alta Escuela, Doma Vaquera and the different games than the Lightness Tournament offers. 

Kerry Picken

has been passionate about health and exercise for many years.  Movement has been normal part of life, whether it be in the gym, cardio kickboxing, dancing when she was younger, hiking and of course horse back riding.

Kerry was introduced to Pilates in 2007.   She was her instructors case study. After a few months, she was in love with how her body felt. She was pain free and was in better shape than when she was doing cardio and lifting weights alone.   In 2010, she began her teaching journey, getting her Peak Pilates Level I certification.

Knowing she wanted to move on to an advanced teacher program, she joined the highly esteemed Advanced Teach Training program at The Pilates Center in Boulder, CO and graduated in May 2015.

Horses have been a part of Kerry’sl ife since she was 7, trying many disciplines along the way from western pleasure, barrel racing, equitation, eventing and most recently classical dressage. For 14 years, she was the general manager of the elite warmblood facility Harmony Sporthorses, where her passion for dressage began. Some of the trainers that influenced this passion are Michael Klimke, Debbie McDonald, Scott and Susanne Hassler, Maureen Sterling, and Ingo Pape, just to name a few.  While on this journey, she fell in love with the Spanish horse breeds and met Manuel Trigo, and they have created a clinic blending Pilates and riding techniques.  

This is when Centergy 3 was born, allowing Kerry to bring together her passions of Pilates and horses.   In June 2015, she earned her Pilates for Dressage ® Level 1 Associate Instructor certification.   Continuing her education on helping riders, she earned her RideFit Instructor Level 1 certification in May 2016. 

Eric Gerry

born and raised in upstate NY and began training in Historical European Martial Arts (HEMA) in 2000. 

His passion for the art led him to completing a degree in Medieval and Renaissance Studies at Binghamton University.

After moving to Arizona, Eric then went on to studying Equine Science at Scottsdale Community College, which led him to El Caballo Rey.  

Eric's weapons of choice are the medieval sword-and-buckler, the Italian rapier, and the Highland broadsword.

Marc Dinnerstein 

Marc has been in love with music as long as he can remember.  Having two older siblings while growing up ensured plenty of tunes that were advanced listening for his young ears.

Since the age of eight he had wanted to play drums but had parents that would have no part of it.  As an adult it took a long while to figure out that he was now allowed to indulge.  He first started with guitar and then picked up drumming. He has been consumed with getting better ever since.

The excitement he has for timing and rhythm can be his gift to you. He has been a student of Manuel Trigo as a rider and  also have a real passion for teaching.  Not just music, but anything that may be of help in your journey.

He is especially  looking forward to helping you with your needs as they relate to your horses,  riding, rhythm and flow.  Once your horse has your help getting in touch with his natural movements,  as a rider you will advance if you can get in harmony with his timing, and prevent blocking of those movements.

With this in mind, you will  be able to develop better gaits, and improve movement with your horse. Training for rhythm and timing can be fun and exciting.

We will work with drumsticks, shakers, riding crops and of course music. Learn the time signatures of each of your horses gaits, and how to pick songs to compliment them.

In 2016, at the moment of the creation and opening of El Caballo REY – Equestrian Art Academy, Manuel count more than 250 clinics in the USA. 

Learn how to manage your music for show, expositions and tournaments . You will be tapping your toes and smacking your dashboards as you learn to pick out your horses gaits within your favorite tunes. 

C y’all soon .  Marc Dinnerstein 

Carla Meeske

Carla is renown animal communicator, shamanic healer for animals, and reiki master. These intuitive skills give her an understanding of the animal's heart and emotions.

Carla offers Gentle Touch, Deep Release™ myofascial bodywork for equines.

Masterson Method™ certified, she uses quiet methods to discover where the animal is restricted, and she encourages the horse to release tension through very gentle and specific touches and movements.

She enhances this by working with the animals energetic systems to find blockages and release restrictions throughout the entire horse, from nose to tail. Carla works with the fascia using very light, intentional touch and gentle movements. Fascia is the wrapping around the muscles, bones and organs and cavities, connecting all the parts of the horse in a weblike network. It is the most enervated tissue in the body, so when a person touches the fascia above a muscle in spasm, the muscle will release with a very light connection. (Which is good because many of the horses muscles are way too deep to reach with a deep tissue massage). Fascia also acts as a secondary nervous system, passing energetic information through its water molecules.   

Carla can feel this energy in her hands. She can find stickiness and blockages in the fascia. Each release creates a ripple effect of releases throughout the whole horse. They Love It!  

Carla joined El Caballo REY Instructors team in 2017.