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El Cabllo REY, Equestrian Art Academy, offersunique learning opportunities for interns and working students. 

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Aficionado Internship

$200 Per Week

This program is for the youth, from 12 to16 years old, wishing to learn about horses, Pura Raza Espanola, Lusitanos, etc. This is a perfect opportunity during school vacations. They will participate during a couple of weeks in the daily life of a Classical Dressage Academy and the barn duties. Preparation of the horses, grooming, saddling, braiding of manes and tails, daily care and use of the exerciser. 

Duration: Minimum 2 weeks (4 days per week).

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Young Apprentice Ecuyer

$0 for students in School, College or equivalent

This program is for students in high school, college or equivalent.

The minimum period is 4 months, free of charge for the student. No salary or other compensation. 3 days per week as a minimum.

Interns will be involved full or part time depending on their schedule. Interns will beinvolved in the daily work around the training of the horses, grooming, saddling, lunging, warm-up and more, depending on the rider’s level. They will audit private lessons or clinics at their convenience. Also College interns will be allowed to ride for free in the clinics on the site, depending on availability.

Of course the number of interns is limited and are scheduled in advanced. If you wish to become an intern with Manuel send your resume to

Duration: Minimum 4 months (3 days per week).           

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Apprentice Ecuyer

$300 Per month

This program is for private students. Regardless of age or qualifications. 

This unique opportunity is for amateur riders or professionals who want to learn pure Classical Dressage and Riding inLightness with Master Trigo. 

The internship period is for a minimum of 2 months and at least 3 days per week.

Candidates need to send a resume in which they will describe their past experiences and will clarify the motivation and interest in the internship. 

Intern will be working with Manuel and could audit any lesson. They will work as assistant for Manuel and will participate in the training according to their level. They will also be involved in all philosophical and technical discussion in the Academy.

Duration: Minimum 2 Months (4 days per week).           

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Working Student

It is a great opportunity to learn while working at the Academy. This program provides lodging, horse for the student, 1 lesson per week with Manuel, free participation in the clinics in AZ and a salary. All this in exchange of the barn chores.

Duration: Minimum 6 Months

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Chevalier Auditor

$250 for 5 days

This program is a great opportunity for amateurs or professionals wishing to audit training of the horses or lessons at the Academy. 

The minimum period is5 days.

The Chevalier Auditor will audit the daily training of the horses, lessons and preparation work. They will be free to go and audit at their convenience.

Duration: 5 days 

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Visitor Membership

$200 Per month

This is monthly membership, giving access and use of the arenas. The goal is allowing trailer-in visitor horses and their rider to ride from Monday to Saturday from 8 am to 5 pm at their discretion in the covered or outdoor arena. 

Duration: 1 month 

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