Intensive Training Week

Novermber 12 -16th 2018

February 25 - March 1st 2019

What's the idea?

Go to the next level

To significantly increaseyour horsemanship in only 5 days. Teaching you on a platform of multi-disciplines that I strongly believe will make a huge difference in your horsemanship. 

All this in a great atmosphere of the Equestrian Art Academy and of course FUN. 

If you did the ITW last November, you have your spot for this new session, revised, improved and more advanced. 5 amazing and fun days to simply make you a better rider and horsewomen/horseman. 

Private rhythmic lessons, Private Pilates lessons, Private riding lessons, manipulations and releases, more riding time. More focused on classical dressage. Good food, good time. 

For those that haven’t participated in an ITW yet, the November session is reserved for advanced riders. If you feel this is you, sign up as soon as possible as space is limited.

If you don’t feel that you are at an advanced level, the beginner and intermediate session will be held in January – see details below.

Do you want to know more about what the ITW is about?

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What are the disciplines?

Of course the main theme is Classical Dressage and specifically Ridingin Lightness. But we are adding other disciplines like Pilates, Fencing and rhythmic to improve your physical skills, motor coordination in addition to the work with Long reins, Pillars, Canter Development and Flying changes, Manipulations and releases and much more… See the schedule below.

Simply in Numbers:

To take a short way,here some numbers:

  • 11 x Riding lessons

(Lightness, Collection Piaffe & Passage, Work in-hand, work with Long reins, Work in the Pillars, Jaw Flexion and Relaxation,Canter Development and Flying changes, Canter and Collection, Spanish walk, bow etc.., Osteopathic manipulations and releases) yep ;-)

  • 3 x Group Pilates mat lessons
  • 2 x Private Pilates lesson on the horse
  • 4 x Lectures

(Visualization techniques (2 lessons), Lightness advanced concepts 1, Lightness advanced concepts 2).

  • 3 x Rhythmic lessons
  • 1 x Private rhythmic lesson
  • 4 x Historic Fencing lessons
  • 1 x Personal Debriefing and Orientation session
  • 1 x Party 

at the end of the week for the survivors, food and drinks, well deserved.

Who are the Instructors:


Kerry Picken

Historic Fencing 

Eric Gerry

All riding Lessons 

Manuel Trigo

Rhythmic Lessons

Marc Dinnerstein 

Manuel Trigo


Marsha Heiden 

Manuel Trigo


Carla Meeske


Active Auditors

The same way as the Ecuyers, active auditors will be selected and the number of opening is small. 

Active auditor will participate to 3 Pilates mat classes, 5 Fencing lessons, all lectures, all rhythmic lessons etc.. and will audit and/or work asassistants for the riders in all the riding lessons.


Receiving Candidates for both the November 2018 and the February 2019 Week.

If interested contact Manuel Trigo

Receiving Candidates for both the November 2018 and the February 2019 Week.

Two Students Share their Experience at the Second Intensive Training Week.

READ the article

If interested contact Manuel Trigo